Independant Container Services: Integrated Container Solutions
Independant Container Services: Integrated Container Solutions
Independent Container Service: Integrated Container Solutions

About Us

Centrally located in Port Adelaide, South Australia, Independent Container Service (ICS) is a division of the IRS Group of companies which has served the shipping container industry since 1985.

Managing Director, Jeff Millar has been hands-on in this locally owned business for over 25 years. Jeff’s accumulated knowledge and experience provides an advantage that no other company in Adelaide could achieve.

ICS has established a solid reputation of being able to consistently meet customer demands for reliable shipping container service and quick turn around times. It understands the need to provide reliable service, so customers maintain faith in their ability to meet the demanding operating needs in a competitive industry.

ICS has been building its’ market superiority by providing quality service from small to large enterprises who recognise the value of a broad range of experience. This reputation has been built by recognising the importance of proper evaluation of the equipment, and a network of reliable suppliers.

We take pride in our reputation, providing the best service to our customers. While there are many reasons for this reputation we believe it starts with the people we employ. ICS only employs quality people that have a wide range of experience in manufacturing, servicing and expert repairing of equipment.

ICS is the leader in Adelaide because it provides the most reliable service. There may be other choices but clients are loyal as they know ICS will get the job done, get it done right and get it done on time and on budget

ICS is tasked to design and build modified containers for Mining, Commercial, Government and Military applications using quality components and materials that are innovative and practical which withstand the harsh Australian environment. ICS shipping containers can be hired for any period or purchased outright.

As with all ICS containers, Weather and Vermin proofing is standard.

ICS use materials that support best practice that compliment the environment for which they are designed for.

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